The rewarding facet of your presence

We, the Sunbird Networks focus on assuring the timely presence of employees and employers in the corporate world. Only the proper presence of staffs can take the workflow in an enterprise in a paramount mode. The products of best quality can make the corporate world assure all the matters going on within its verge happen under its control. We manufacture various products like Time Attendance & Access Control Systems, Access Control Systems, Facial time attendance systems, Time Attendance Systems, Handheld Terminals, and Finger Print Readers. We are in researches, to infuse innovative technologies in this mode of operation and thus improve the performance echelon of the business sectors. Before selling each of our products, it meets with all types of quality control and quality assurance tests. IQC, PQC, FQC and OQC build up the whole controlling procedure which ensures final quality. The quality tests are done with highly advanced technologies.