More than any aspect of our business, we respect and focus on the services rendered to the clients. This is the core of our business enterprise. Our professionals in each field are specially prepared to render their service in installing and assisting the clients in working with biometric products of the Sunbird Networks. When preparing the professionals for the service our first lesson for them is to be a good listener. After that understand the client’s needs to the depth and put out the apt solution product for it. It’s only a phone call that matters or you can approach us directly.

We will be at your door steps. Once we take up the work you can assure an absolute involvement of us in it. Even after the completion of work we make a regular follow up of our job and make the up gradation of the technologies as per the recent developments. Sunbird Network’ s biometric solution brings in a soothing working environment within the industry. It will endow the employees with punctuality and the employer with an access in all working sectors. By maintaining this module of work, the performance of the work will be augmented, in short. By keeping up the quality and excellence of the biometric products of the Sunbird Networks, we make our service excellent. The fine rapport with the clients even after the completion of work, make our professionals available to them, at their demand.

Solutions Offered

Time Attendance & Access Control Systems

Unlike the traditional working facet, nowadays the work flow in industries has a novel approach. The works in industries are sophisticated and knotted, for which an access of the management in all areas is a must. To make the workflow smooth and easy, the employees should be on time and even. To maintain all these possible in an industry, the Sunbirds Networks product, Time attendance and access control system, give an access to the attendance of all employees and maintain the workflow in industries smoothly. With the assistance of this system, the management gets a control over the productivity of the potentiality of the employees of their enterprise.

Access Control Systems

As the industries, are sophisticated in their work and structure, it’s difficult for the authority to get an access over each cornerstone of the enterprise. Only when an access is installed, a control will come over the workflow. This will be reflected in the performance of the enterprise as a whole. Access Control system is a pathway connecting both the authorities and employees. We install this software in industries to assure a timely and smooth conveyance of messages between the employees and the management to make the working milieu as adaptable as it could be. It will provide you with an access of control of the work in the industry, regardless whether you are off or on the site. The Sunbirds Access Control system grows as per the requirements of the industry.

Time Attendance Systems

Time attendance system enables the employer to have a record of each employee working under him, the time he or she starts the work, and stops the work. Apart of this, it also gives the authorities a well managed information regarding the vacation, FMLA time and compensation time.

  • It soothes the over payment from the part of the management because of the irregular conveyance of messages
  • Elimination of manual works in this podium
  • Attendance proof is a valid and strong evidence, as no manipulation can be done on its performance

It makes the employees more productive in their area of work, as they become more cautious of their work scheme modulated by punctuality in life. Punctuality modes an individual solidly. Time attendance attractive feature is to bring in punctuality into one’s life and make him or her understand the benefits of it.

Finger Print Readers

Fingerprint Reader is another amazing device put out by Sunbird Networks performing well in their area of performance. This is an automated device used for the identification of a person on the basis of his or her unique patterns of finger prints. Of the variety of devices available in the market utilizing different forms of features for identifying the person, the most popular one is Fingerprint reader, keeping up with the security pattern also. With the renovation in technology, now, a fingerprint reader is available to be incorporated in your laptop. It can maintain the security level of the organization and assure the presence of an employee in the industry. We upgrade the device in accord of the enrichment in technological progress.

Handheld Terminals

This is a portable handy equipment, backing the authorities of industries to get the updated information in the enterprise irrespective of their position. Even when they are outside the industry, this handheld terminal helps them, to get and convey their response to the messages from the enterprise. A wide variety of arrays are compiled in one compatible device in the name Handheld Terminal. Convenience, usability and visibility make it more comfortable with its operation. It is a battery operated system or rechargeable device. Variety of Handheld Terminals are available in Sunbird Networks, out of which you can opt the best one suiting your wants and requirements.


All the industries are in need of accessories for the equipments involved in the works. These accessories are manufactured with exact dimension by the Sunbird Networks, when needed and approached. Apart from these forms of accessories, the industries are in need of a dress code for the employees working with them like cap and hat, tie, mittens, gloves, aprons, scarves, apparel trimmings, suspenders and belts. The manufacturing of these types of accessories is also taken by Sunbirds, on the approach of the customers.

Touchless biometrics systems

This is a solution offered in the security of the industry as per its requirements. The contact-free and three dimensional technology employed in Touchless Biometrics Solution offers the capturing of a superior quality fingerprint data, providing with guarantee in security in particular. It has a 3D touch less technology, provides with attendance and time and an access over it, can be of used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, employs a superior identification technology, apt enrollment, correct identification and verification methods, employ with both large and small groups, touch screen is personalized, employing varied customization and configuration, and it is hygienic for sensitive application.


 Smart Card Division


Sunbird Networks is specialized in  selling contact and contactless smart cards. We devoted ourselves to researching and developing in all kinds of smart cards, at present our products have covered Low-frequency, High-frequency and Ultrahigh-frequency cards. Our M1,ID,T5577, I CODE 2, UTRALIGHT, and 24C series chip cards are widely used in different fields, such as Transportation, Finance, Telecom, Access control, Attendance system, Insurance, NFC and so on. It deserves to be mentioned that our untra-thin cards( ≤0.48mm) has been successfully used in subway programs in domestic and overseas.



The main types of contactless IC card

  1. High frequency card : Operating frequency: 13.56MHz, Reading/writing distance : 2.5-10cm.Application: enterprise, campus, tranportation, parking residential management, etc
  1. Low frequency card: Operating frequency: 125KHz, Reading/writing distance: 3-10cm.   Application: proximity smart door locks, enterprise access, access control, etc.
  1. Ultrahigh frequency card : Operating frequency :860-960 MHz, optional frequency, Reading/writing distance : 5-8cm (depend on antenna and environments) . Application: transportation, parking, toll station, door access, product anti-fake, customs clearance management, etc


DUAL INTERFACE CARD: Frequency: 13.56 MHz, Read distance: 4-10cm, Operating temperature: -25C~+50C

Specification: 85.5*54*0.86 ( can be customized),Material: PVC, PET, PETG, ABS,Craft: ultrasonic automatic flocking line/ automatic touch welding,Standard: ISO 14443, ISO 7816.

High security: CPU card has better security, can be used as the bank card, represents the highest level of seurity of the current IC cardapplication, support in the electronic wallet electronic passbook function of the norm of the bank of chips and cosine security technology provides a dual CPU card security guarantees.

Application: finance, insurance, transportation, government, access control, etc.



The main types of contact IC card:

  1. Logical encryption card : SLE5542 SLE5528 and its compatible chips. Mainly used in internet bar, social security, medical insurance, and electronic lock, consumer score etc.
  1. Saving card:  AT 24C02  AT24C04  AT24C08  AT24C16 etc. This card is mainly used in the telecommunication company, campus and so on. Non-encryption card, communication protocol is the synchronization protocol of both the ISO/IEC 7816-3, dual-line serial interface.
  1. Encryption memory card: AT88SC102  AT88CS1604  AT88SC1608 etc. Mainly used in industry/commerce



Product introduction

Low frequency( 125KHZ)   Thickness: 0.4-1.0mm

High frequency(13.56MHZ)   thickness: 0.4-1.0mm

Ultra high frequency (860-960 MHz)

Thickness: 0.3-1.0mm

Material: PVC, etc.

Format type: 5*2,5*4,3*7,3*8,5*6,7*8, etc. ( or customizd format)

Encapsulation way: untrasonic automatic flocking line, automatic touch welding, hand-made, dry inlay


Product introduction:

Operation frequency: 13.56MHZ

Reading/ writing distance: 2-10cm( depend on the size of antenna)

Specification: electronic tag, keychain, etc.

Material: Coated paper, PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, etc.

Craft:FCIP, flip-chip in packaging, ultrasonic automatic flocking line/ automatic touch welding

Protocol: ISO 14443A

Application: mobile payment, identification, access control, traffic, exchange business cards, quick access to the web, etc.


Production introduction

Operating frequency:HF(13.56MHZ), UHF(860-960MHZ)

Specification: paper sticker, PVC sticker, card, dry inlay, etc.

Material: coated paper, PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, etc.

Crafts: FCIP, flip-chip in packaging

Protocol: ISO 14443A, ISO/IEC 18000-6C

Application: logistics and supplies management, produce and assemble, airline baggage handling, mail/express parcel processing, document tracking/library management, animal identification, sport tracking, access control/E-ticket, road charging, IC card, etc.


Product introduction

Mini card: operating frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz

Reading/writing distance: 2-15cm

Size: various of special shape cards

Material: PVC, ABS, Epoxy

Application: identification, proximity smart door, locks, enterprises, staff attendance etc.


Product introduction:

Material: silicone, PVC, ABS

Color: black, blue, yellow, white, etc or customized

Product features: closed-loop wristband, flexible, easy to wear, easy to use, can waterproof, moistureproof, shock, and resistance to high temperature

Frequency range: LF(125KHZ), HF(13.56MHZ), UHF(915MHZ)

Working temperature:-30C —  75C

Application: widely used for school, amusement park, public transport, swimming pools, etc.